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Elevate Your Mindset Online Program For ADULTS

Patty Duque has developed two online programs, one for adults and another for pre-teens that are jam packed with practical concepts, terminology and easy to implement tools to allow you to live an authentic life stress free.

Designed for adults, this online program from Patty Duque is the key to reclaiming your sense of purpose, moving away from roadblocks and living your life, on your terms. 

Patty will dive deep into your thought process so you can understand why you get stuck making the same wrong decisions over and over before showing you how to form more successful habits. 

Choose your package then take a look below at exactly what you’ll learn in this life-changing training.

Elevate Your Mindset Online Program For PRE-TEENS

This program was designed as an an extension of the Elevate Your Mindset for Adults program to ensure pre-teens between ages of 6-12 years old start gaining an understanding about life as well as gain life skills that Patty only wished she had as a pre-teen.

As a mum of 2 primary school girls and Mindset Coach of a Cricket Academy of young athletes, Patty understands the pressures pre-teens are going through at the moment.

This online program teaches them proactive and reactive strategies for dealing with challenging situations and big emotions like anxiety and stress. These simple and powerful strategies can help them straight away to overcome what may be holding them back and provide a tool kit for the rest of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elevate Your Mindset Online Program that can be bought as self paced or with additional support. It is a 7 step proven process that takes you through all the areas required to live an authentic, healthy and abundant life. 

Each module contains 5-10 videos guiding you through each step of the way and providing  different concepts, strategies and tools that will help you get clarity by envisioning, planning, and helping you achieve your desired result. Allowing you to live an authentic, healthy and abundant life if you so desire.

This is achieved through 7 modules that are systematically created to meet you where you are at and help you through your personal growth and development.

There are 4 elements that set this program above and beyond other self-development programs:

  1. Science based Data – The information shared has been researched and is scientifically sound. Information is a collation of many experts in the area of human development, neuroscience and behaviour.
  2. Simple and Actionable Tools – There’s many simple and practical concepts, strategies and tools that can be implemented straight away. The signature Unshakable Mindset Tool helps you identify, neutralize and own your emotions. All these tools help you  measure and adjust your transformation along the way. They can also be used to assist you in the future.
  3. Holistic Approach – Strategies and tools will improve all areas of life with a balanced approach. Allowing you to build self awareness and create a clear understanding of who you are and what YOU really want in life. This is all about uncovering your authentic self so you can live on your terms unapologetically. It is your own journey, as all answers and activities come from you and your idea of what success and fulfillment looks like – nobody else’s.
  4. Measurable Results – It all starts with an in-depth questionnaire where you are able to assess where you are at. This is where the change process starts and draws a line in the sand of your starting point with the program which is also later used to measure just how far you’ve come.  

The online program was designed to either be completed at your own pace or with support. depending on your preference. It is designed to be experienced through daily micro-learning as self development is a journey not a destination. Daily practices will help you makes shifts in your mind and therefore your daily actions which will compound to major changes. However, the magnitude is only determined by you. 

It’s easy to follow and in the event that you get busy on some days, it’s okay to pick up where you left off. What’s most important is your commitment and consistency in completing each exercise and module until you complete the entire process. Take your time, there’s no rush as when you enroll in any program the lessons are available to you for life.

For those feeling unfulfilled, stuck and wanting to get more out of life.

If you want to thrive living an authentic, healthy and abundant life and don’t know how, this program is for you.

If you are ready to take action don’t hesitate to get it.

The best way to create a habit is by consistently doing an activity, so we recommend carving out the time you would like to spend (suggest 1-2 hours per week minimum). Break this up into when you would like to do it and schedule it so you make it happen. You can choose a certain time of the day where you can have some uninterrupted focused time for yourself. Remember this is the time for you to start living your authentic life from the inside out.

This is the best case scenario and what we recommend, however we understand that life can sometimes throw you a curveball and you may not be able to do the lesson as you originally planned.

So it’s totally fine if you need to do the lessons at different times, or play catch up later in the week. What’s important is that you commit and stay as consistent as you can, ensuring you follow the entire process from start to finish, at your own pace.

Modules differ in length so, however, there’s 7 modules so the commitment should be for at least 7 weeks completing a module per week. If you choose to do so, you can do a module a fortnight. 

If you are committed to living an authentic life from the inside out you will probably want to ensure you invest at least 1-2 hours per week. Although some past clients have wanted to go deeper and spent 5 hours in a module. It is very personal so set the time aside and determine along the way if you need more time to finish certain modules.

To give you an idea, videos normally average between 5-15 mins. There are a few that are 45 mins however that module has the least number of videos.

Remember this is time well spent as this is your investment for yourself to live the best version of you!

Set yourself up for success.

If you would like support through the process to be kept accountable, go more in depth or want one-on-one sessions to:

– eliminate limiting beliefs, 

– determine your TOP values through – this process was the one that determined I was not living to my highest values which gave me the clarity to pursue my passion and leave the corporate world which is all I ever knew until that point.

– uncover your Shadow Values – This is a very powerful and liberating process that allows you to live life unapologetically and authentically

– eliminate any conflicted values

– eliminate trapped emotions – this is one of the most liberating processes as we all carry baggage that once we are able to leave it behind (understanding the wisdom of why it was there in the first place) we can live 

– and more…

Click on the link below. Provide your email and schedule your FREE 60 min FREE Mindset Strategy Session.

During this call, Patty will take the time to learn more about you, where you are at and what you want to achieve. Most importantly, we’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together and agree on the best package for you to start your transformation.

If we both agree we can create some magic together, we will agree on the ideal package to suit your needs. You will be asked to pay the deposit which includes two months payment (price depends on the chosen package) and you can start your transformation straight away.

The change process starts with a very in depth questionnaire that will be sent upon completion of payment and helps you start getting clarity straight away. 

You will be asked to book your first session through a booking system able to book your 1:1 calls at a time that suits you, however ensure you complete and submit the questionnaire no later than 48 hrs before the first session.

Each session, Patty will coach you around the steps needed to get clarity and start making the change. Every session you will come prepared. to discuss any ‘ah ha’ moments and amazing changes you’ve seen!

There is a hassle-free 7 days Happiness Guarantee.

If you are not happy with the purchase or the program, simply email us within 7 days from purchase and all money will be refunded, no questions asked. Although we would really appreciate you being honest and letting us know what you didn’t like as we like to have a growth mindset we welcome your honest constructive feedback to ensure we can continue to improve and any disappointments can be addressed.

Why Elevate Your Mind with Patty Duque?

These are the results you can expect from your online program

Get Clarity About What You Want

Be clear on what you need to focus on to get the results that matter in your life.

Identify Your Personal Roadblocks

Determine if there is anything holding you back and learn what to do about it.

Find Your Success Strategy

Develop your successful strategy, the one that works for you.

Align Your Priorities

Figure out what’s most important to you and start to implement change.

Reclaim Your Time

Make change a habit and find the ways to fit it into your current busy schedule.

Celebrate and Learn

Life is a journey but we stop to celebrate the wins along the way.

Want To Know More?

Patty Duque is an internationally-recognised results and mindset coach. Contact her to find out about coaching, online programs, workshops and keynote presentations.

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