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Elevate Your Mindset Online Program For ADULTS

Patty Duque has developed two online programs, one for adults and another for pre-teens that are jam packed with practical concepts, terminology and easy to implement tools to allow you to live an authentic life stress free.

Designed for adults, this online program from Patty Duque is the key to reclaiming your sense of purpose, moving away from roadblocks and living your life, on your terms. 

Patty will dive deep into your thought process so you can understand why you get stuck making the same wrong decisions over and over before showing you how to form more successful habits. 

Choose your package then take a look below at exactly what you’ll learn in this life-changing training.

Elevate Your Mindset Online Program For PRE-TEENS

This program was designed as an an extension of the Elevate Your Mindset for Adults program to ensure pre-teens between ages of 6-12 years old start gaining an understanding about life as well as gain life skills that Patty only wished she had as a pre-teen.

As a mum of 2 primary school girls and Mindset Coach of a Cricket Academy of young athletes, Patty understands the pressures pre-teens are going through at the moment.

This online program teaches them proactive and reactive strategies for dealing with challenging situations and big emotions like anxiety and stress. These simple and powerful strategies can help them straight away to overcome what may be holding them back and provide a tool kit for the rest of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elevate Your Mindset Online Program that can be bought as self paced or with additional support. It is a 7 step proven process that takes you through all the areas required to live an authentic, healthy and abundant life. 

Each module contains 5-10 videos guiding you through each step of the way and providing  different concepts, strategies and tools that will help you get clarity by envisioning, planning, and helping you achieve your desired result. Allowing you to live an authentic, healthy and abundant life if you so desire.

This is achieved through 7 modules that are systematically created to meet you where you are at and help you through your personal growth and development.

Why Elevate Your Mind with Patty Duque?

These are the results you can expect from your online program

Get Clarity About What You Want

Be clear on what you need to focus on to get the results that matter in your life.

Identify Your Personal Roadblocks

Determine if there is anything holding you back and learn what to do about it.

Find Your Success Strategy

Develop your successful strategy, the one that works for you.

Align Your Priorities

Figure out what’s most important to you and start to implement change.

Reclaim Your Time

Make change a habit and find the ways to fit it into your current busy schedule.

Celebrate and Learn

Life is a journey but we stop to celebrate the wins along the way.

Want To Know More?

Patty Duque is an internationally-recognised results and mindset coach. Contact her to find out about coaching, online programs, workshops and keynote presentations.