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Does your child between 6-12 years old struggle managing their emotions?

Do they sometimes feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and don’t have easy strategies to help them cope?

Are you looking for pre-teen friendly, simple and fun tools for them to thrive authentically?

If these are questions you have asked yourself as a parent, you are NOT alone!

And you are certainly in the right place.

I have felt and questioned myself as a mother exactly the same way. This is why I created this program as an extension of the Elevate Your Mindset for Adults program to ensure pre-teens start  gaining an understanding about life as well as gain life skills that I only wish I had when I was a pre-teen.

I am a Results and Mindset Coach, working with mainly adults and also pre-teens to help them see things from a different perspective, helping them get clarity, claim their confidence and certainty so they can live authentically. Not worrying about what others think and thrive by being who they are.

As a mother of 2 young girls, it was very clear that the quicker I started to introduce different concepts about life and provide them with skills that can help them cope in life was going to make their life journey easier for them and for us as parents.

I explain the steps to confidence and certainty  a very simple, fun and creative way tools and strategies that your child can start using straight away to improve life at school, friendship groups and most importantly themselves.

Help your children be more confident, know they are unique and have tools to use when they are faced with challenges at school or life?
Join today for your pre-teens to start thriving with this exclusive online program for PRE-TEENS:

Join today for your PRE-TEENS to experience this exclusive program: Elevate Your Mindset for Pre-Teens teaching pre-teens how to claim their confidence, achieve higher emotional intelligence, develop a growth mindset (as opposed to a fixed mindset) and build their self-awareness.

This online program teaches them proactive and reactive strategies for dealing with challenging situations and big emotions like anxiety and stress. These simple and powerful strategies can help them straight away to overcome what may be holding them back.


Hear from Patty’s current and former clients.

Testimonials From Parents and Cricket Academy CEO

Ready to Employ Proven Strategies to Build Your Confidence and Transform Yourself?

Patty Duque

Patty Duque was awarded #2 Female Mindset Coach in Australia in 2021 by Yahoo Finance in 2021. She is also a speaker and best-selling author in the area of Mindset as she truly believe that Mindset can make or break us. As Napoleon Hill says,  “You either control your mind or it controls you”,

This is why she expanded her Mindset work from adults into pre-teens teaching them life skills that will equip them to claim their confidence, build emotional resilience and be authentic. She believes we are all unique and have our own genius zone however, our pre-teens don’t always see it that way.

Her mission is to impact over 750,000 people to live an authentic life from the inside out. She is passionate to help pre-teens develop useful life skills such as a growth mindset, self-awareness, and emotions to stop the increase of their mental health and start creating successful habits that will help well into their adult life. 

The simple tools and techniques she shares have given her clients ranging from the ages of 7 to 67 great results making them raving fans of Patty’s work.

Patty left the corporate world where she worked as a Managing Consultant to build her coaching business in 2017. 

She worked one on one with clients from all walks of life and noticed there were common themes that kept providing breakthroughs improving her clients life so she decided to collate all these learnings and create videos with the simples strategies that helped others and that’s when the online program for adults called Elevate Your Mindset was created. 

Due to the simplicity of the tools, she started sharing them in a very entertaining way with her daughters and the Cricket Academy of young athletes that she’s been working with since 2019. She got such great feedback and results she decided to create an Elevate Their Mindset Pre-Teens Online Program. 

We all know that when things are kept simple they are remembered and implemented.

Patty walks her talk and in 2018 this was put to the test when her eldest was 6 years old, presenting her with the opportunity to follow through with the growth mindset strategies she taught. As a result her daughter Isabella Bedem Duque became a published author and illustrator on her 7th birthday. In 2019 the book series ‘If I Were an Animal’ was created with 4 books in the series: 1. If I Were an Animal on a Farm 2. If I Were an Animal in the Zoo 3. If I Were an Animal in the Ocean and 4. If I Were an Animal in the Jungle.

As Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right”.

Give your pre-teens a chance to follow their dreams and make these come true.

Every pre-teen has the opportunity to thrive when given the right tools, strategies and techniques.

Provide them with:

  • Manage their emotions
  • Build self-awareness
  • Claim their confidence
  • Activate their internal ‘happy pharmacy’
  • Improve time management skills
  • Accept failure
  • Access simple techniques that inspire them to achieve more

Summary of Modules:

MODULE 1: Building Confidence

Understanding that you are UNIQUE, as there is no other person out there like you so it’s important to identify what makes you unique so you can value yourself for who you are and what you bring to others.

“Be you as everyone else is taken”.

MODULE 2: Emotions

This is the game changer as it’s only when children learn how the brain works through a simple explanation that they start to understand the neuroscience of emotions. Understanding this is key for building emotional intelligence.

Behaviour is impacted the learnings and learning two exclusive techniques that can be used any time to control emotions shifting them from negative to positive.

These techniques are used by leading experts and taught around the world.

MODULE 3:  Internal Pharmacy

Did you know we all have a pharmacy within us? Patty calls it our own ‘internal pharmacy’ where we can bring awareness too generating our own HAPPY drugs such as reward chemicals, love hormone, mood stabiliser and pain killers!

When pre-teens we learn to generate these very important natural “happy” drugs more joy, fun and happiness can be welcomed into life!

MODULE 4: Self Awareness

Metacognition is a big word, however, Patty breaks it down so pre-teens can start to understand how they can build their self awareness, self worth and therefore their self love.

She breaks down four ways they can increase their self-awareness to be the best version of themselves.

Nobody knows what our children are thinking, as a matter of fact nobody knows what anybody is thinking so this module uses a great analogy to describe the importance of catching your thought before it catches on fire, like a house on fire.

Great technique using an analogy to helps pre-teens breakdown their emotions allowing them to stay calm (or at least given them the tool to work towards it).

MODULE 5:  Failures vs Success

It’s hard to believe sometimes that mistakes help us grow and that through analysing our successes we realise that the great achievements in life come with failures, mistakes and a lot of learnings. This is well demonstrated with an ‘iceberg’ exercise that relates any development journey.

This helps them re-direct unhelpful thoughts and actions ensuring they are developing a growth mindset. Children learn to change the meaning of failure and see it as part of their success.

MODULE 6: Time Mastery

Managing time comes down to managing your decision, where you want to spend your time and energy which are our two most precious resources.

Pre-Teens can easily get stressed and overwhelmed with all the pressures school and life brings to them. When these aren’t handled or addressed, pre-teens mental health can really suffer. It’s best too teach them the importance of managing their time helping them turn overwhelm into clarity and allowing them to use their thinking brain instead of their survival brain.

In this module, Patty breaks down how you can go from overwhelm to clarity and shares two simple and exclusive techniques to facilitate school and home life.

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What You Get:

  • Entire Elevate Your Mindset Pre-Teens Online Program
  • Lifetime access to six fun video tutorial modules with 
  • 20 short, informative and entertaining videos created for pre-teens
  • Actionable exercises
  • Printable worksheets
  • Notes for Parents providing them with summary of module  
  • Guided Relaxation Audio Track to help your child to relax their mind and “be the mountain” so they can shift their thoughts and emotions smoothly
  • Facebook Group Access to Elevate Your Mindset with Patty Duque
  • 15-day guarantee

Digital Access

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Here is a sneak peek to what is inside the course Module 3: Neuroscience of Emotions

If you want a taste of what the course is like… here’s one of the videos explaining that we all have a brain, yet no one has taken the time to explain and simplify how it works so we can understand it and therefore take control over it.

In this video, Patty shares a great hand model created by Daniel Siegel of the brain which breaks the brain into 3 simple areas so your child can understand why we do what we do!