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Hear from Patty’s current and former clients.

What People Are Saying About Coaching With Patty Duque

I always dreamt of being a speaker but never had the courage to pursue my dream due to my paradigms, self doubt and imposter syndrome.

I have had extensive coaching but never successfully implemented and applied my learnings in the process of goal setting, hence dreams remain unfulfilled.

Patty taught me to be brave and to pursue my goal. I am now fulfilled, as an author, speaking my truth & happy mama. This means I have content, happy children and husband. I am thriving in mum/work life and pursuing my goal.

Patty is a bubbly, bright and extremely positive person, which quickly rubs off on the people around her. Patty gave me the push I needed to excel myself and overcome my doubts. I knew what I wanted however I was hesitant to make the leap. With Patty’s motivational words and positive guidance I am a happier, brighter, fitter and stronger person. She is the REAL DEAL!  She is an excellent coach. She combines her wide-range of skills with her compassion & empathy to get to the heart of the problems you are experiencing in your life and business and shares practical strategies to create change in your life. I highly recommend taking a leap with Patty as a Personal Life Coach. She is worth the jump!


Before I met Patty, I was new to a leadership role with direct reports.  I generally lacked confidence in my own abilities, lacked energy and needed to understand how to harness my skills and direct them in the most efficient way.  I would often feel anxious and get stressed about delivering tasks and in my personal life I needed to set goals that balanced financial gain while still allowing the family to experience the rewards we all work so hard to achieve. 

During the 18 months of coaching with Patty I became aware of my core values and how they influence my behaviours, how to harness the thinking part of the brain and explored the executive functions to better understand how to get things done.  Through this process I became more confident in my skills and learned that my voice and knowledge were real and I had value to add to the organisation. 

Now I have the confidence to accept new challenges including moving to a new role,  but I’ve also learned the importance of enjoying what we work for so have balanced financial goals to allow travelling around Australia in a caravan and have planned to take regular holidays and tackle sections of Australia each year.  Most of all I understand my own emotions and how they influence those around me which has helped me to communicate with others on a whole new level. 

If anyone needs help with developing confidence, understanding how to harness their mind or gain some direction or clarity around their career or personal life I would definitely recommend you speak to Patty.


I didn’t know what to expect from coaching and was open to what it would bring. I knew there was more to life but wasn’t sure what it was or how to get it. I wanted to live a more active life, create healthier habits and be more productive with my time.

I found my purpose and long-term vision, stopped procrastinating, eliminated any fear and ended up resigning and getting a job doing something I’m passionate about.

We are now a lot more active as a family, manage my time and energy better and know how to prioritise to get everything that I want done.

Honestly, thank you Patty. I love what I do and know I’m heading in the right direction


About 12 months ago I was struggling to get an idea of what I wanted to do with my life.

There were lots of things spinning around in my head, everything seemed to be buried under a pile of confusion and lack of clarity. 

So when I reached out to Patty, she was able to give me that clarity to help me see what my purpose of life was.

I now have clarity and found my purpose. I have gone from strength to strength to the point where now I’m building my own coaching business.

If anyone needs any help getting clarity and a sense of purpose in your life, I recommend Patty


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