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We value your time, this is why we ask that you kindly book a suitable time to speak to Patty and please ensure you watch the following videos before your call as they will help you answer some of the questions you may have before jumping on the Free Mindset Strategy Session with Patty.

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Patty Duque

Results and Mindset Coach

Patty Duque, is a certified coach, speaker and best-selling author who’s made it her mission to help others elevate their mindset and harness their happiness. She works with purpose driven women helping them get clarity, claim their confidence, find certainty and build emotional resilience allowing them to become the best version of themselves both at work and at home.

Prior to establishing her coaching business, Patty had over 16 years of experience in the corporate world mainly as a managing consultant where she assisted multinational companies deliver strategic projects across private and public sectors in the disciplines of organisational change management, project management, communications, stakeholder management and strategy.

It was during this time that she saw women stuck, uncertain and overwhelmed. They were living an imbalanced life that was impacting their mental health and preventing them from succeeding and living the life they truly desired.

This is why she decided to change her focus to assisting others in living an authentic, healthy and abundant life on their terms .

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