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Do You Sometimes Feel
Like A Hamster On A Wheel?

Are you achieving amazing things but still feeling like something is missing?
Do you feel Stressed? Overwhelmed? Unfulfilled? Uncertain?

It’s crazy how these feelings can slowly creep into our lives without us noticing that our life choices have made us get to where we are.

You are not alone.

Mindset is the one thing that can make or break us… regardless of our age, experience or background.

Covid has proven the importance of having clarity, certainty and claiming the required confidence to start owning your life.  

If you want to live an authentic, healthy and abundant life, eliminate the emotional roller coaster once and for all….

You are in the right place.

If you are ready to take action and change things around, and to stop living someone’s dream and start living yours and to own your own life and be unapologetically YOU……

Keep reading!

Elevate Your Mindset

Access the tools and strategies that will help you to step into your truth and start living YOUR life, YOUR way.

Elevate Your Mindset is; a proven 7-step process covering key areas that will authenticity empower you to live life on your terms from the inside out.

It’s never too late to live life on your terms, thriving with clarity, confidence and certainty!

Get A Clear Roadmap On How to Live an Authentic Life from the Inside Out by Elevating Your Mindset

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Elevate Your Mindset is an online program showing the powerful step by step process that helps you live an Authentic Life from the inside out without worrying what others think. 

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Live an Authentic Life from the inside out by Elevating Your Mindset

Mindset can make or break you when you try to achieve anything in any area of life, from health and career to finance/wealth, time, personal development, relationships, spirituality and experiences.

Most people focus on improving an area of life instead of looking holistically at where they are, where they want to get to and the best way to get there. 

With Elevate Your Mindset, you’ll discover the 7 proven steps on how to get clarity and thrive authentically and unapologetically.

Seven Steps to Success

1. Close the Gap

We identify where you are and where you want to be before determining your short and long-term vision. 

The initial phase of this program will define your WHY. This will start to give you perspective in life and a new horizon to work towards. As a result, you’ll be able to focus on the future instead of holding on to the past.

2. Mindset Makeover

We will look into neuroscience, understand how the mind works and learn why we get emotionally hijacked.

During this phase, you will come to identify roadblocks and understand how to activate your logical brain called Executive Function so you reduce procrastination, can manage emotions better and reduce overwhelm and stress.

3. Values Alignment

Define your top value and identify any value conflicts so you can live in alignment, make quicker decisions, have more clarity on what to focus on and leave behind that feeling of guilt when you say ‘no’ to someone.

Soon, you’ll find it easier to make decisions and not be impacted by what others think.

4. Energy Centres

Ready to understand how you are showing up in the world, design your perfect day and be 100% clear on what affects your performance?

In part four, we cover the triggers and activate chemicals within you that make you happier and bring the best out of you. 

When you understand how you are showing up in the world and the energy you are putting out to the world you can attract what you want and the people that are like minded. This feeds happiness from within!

5. Time Mastery

Time management, decision management, procrastination and systems that can help you become more productive so you have more time to do what you love. 

Putting clear boundaries, systems and processes in place will help to reduce stress from external pressures and have time to do the things you enjoy.

6. Successful Habits

Identify good and bad habits and determine your high performing habits. Motivation only gets you to a certain point so it’s important to know exactly why you do what you do and to create the habits that will support the type of life you want.

7. Taking Massive Imperfect Action

Get ready to overcome your fear of failure, build resilience and live an authentic life, on your terms. 

This is where it all comes together as you will be clearer on who you are and will have strategies, tools and life skills that will support you now and forever.  

Leave any limiting beliefs behind and have the conviction to live the life you want! By the end of this course you will have clarity, confidence and certainty about who you are, the way you want to live and how to achieve your goals.

Patty Duque, Creator of Elevate Your Mindset

Patty is an energetic, personable and practical Mindset and Results Coach who believes success and happiness lies from living an Authentic Life from the Inside out!

She empowers individuals to improve their wellbeing by assisting them to seek clarity, develop a growth mindset, challenge their thinking and by assisting them to align their goals to their values so they can live an authentic, healthy and abundant life.

Through her work, Patty assists high achievers, business owners and those wanting to get more out of life find their purpose to live true to themselves. Her mission is to impact and empower 750,000 people to harness their happiness on their own terms so they can succeed in all aspects of their life. She wants to help others live life on their terms and therefore inspire those around them to do the same. 


walks her talk and believes if people get clarity in what they want, develop the skills required and take action they will thrive.

Happy mind = happy and successful life!

Prior to establishing her coaching business, Patty had over 16 years of experience in the corporate world working mainly as a managing consultant assisting multinational companies and delivering strategic projects across private and public sectors in the disciplines of organisational change management, project management, communications, stakeholder management and strategy. It was through her time in the corporate world that she realised many people were living unhappy and unfulfilled lives. This led her to pursue her own passion.

Now she is able to live life on her terms and help others do the same.

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