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Reset Your Mindset

4 Steps To Change Your Thoughts & Change Your Life



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 Australia/Brisbane (UTC+1000)
Tuesday, 24 May (12:00pm – 1:00 pm)
Thursday, 26 May (7:30pm – 8:30 pm)

Find True Purpose, True Fulfilment
Remove Resistance To Your Success
Discover What Truly Motivates You
Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

To be transparent, I market my services using the Freemium method.

Just like Zoom, I offer a high quality service for free and some people decide to buy the premium version. There’s no pressure, just powerful information

The content at the event is based on strategies that work coupled with science. I have developed content based on the results that I’ve seen from modalities, coaching sessions, and training, as well as research from neuroscience.

Yes, this will definitely be worth your time and effort. There will be no boring theory in this online event. I’m going to give you all the skills and knowledge you need to change your life fast. You’ll leave with massive value and skills to help you succeed in life.

A complete agenda is given after you enter your details and register. It includes the topics that we will cover such as:

Module #1: The Science Of Transforming Your Life
Module #2: Reverse Goal Setting
Module #3: How To Be Your Own Best Coach
Module #4: Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs
Module #5: The Values TRACK® Process
Module #6: 9 Key Psychological Needs

And if you would like to stay back for a bit, we have some BONUS content for you: The Science Of How To Become 500% More Productive In Life

Everyone’s situation varies, but most people feel more clear and inspired after the event. Other people see more tangible results after rewatching the event when they begin making new decisions and taking further action.

Who Is This Event For?

Want to take charge of your life?

We live in changing times. But if you want to

  • Empower yourself
  • Control your life and
  • Own your future….

… this event is for you.

Would you like to actualize your full potential?

If you’ve ever had the feeling you are capable of being, doing or having more in life. This event will help you unlock your possibilities, unlock your potential and unlock your power.

Do you have an area of life you want to change?

Whether it’s health, wealth, relationships, business, happiness or any area of your life… success is an inside job. It starts with your mindset. If you’re ready for change, then this event is for you.

Here's What You Get At This Powerful Online Course…

The Science Of Transforming Your Life

Learn how to make changes in your life that stick using science.

4 Things All Successful People Master

The best of the best use common strategies for success. Learn them and create breakthrough results in any area of your life.

How To Release Your Limitations

Remove any trapped emotions, values conflict or limiting beliefs that rob you of success and happiness.

Turn Self-Doubt Into Self-Confidence

Learn how to silence your inner critic and self-saboteur and replace it with self-belief and self-love.

How To Create Habits For Success

Make things happen in your life by turning procrastination into productivity and stress into success.

Reignite Your Passion

Become inspired, motivated and energised to create the success you deserve in life.

Design Your Dream Life

Which area of your life do you want to change the most? It could be:

  • ONE important area of your life
  • ALL areas of your life
  • Or maybe you just want MORE balance and harmony

It all starts with your mindset. That’s because success is an inside job.

Your thoughts become things. When you expand your internal mindset you will naturally expand the results in your external world like night follows day.

Meet Your Trainer

Patty Duque is a certified results coach, speaker and best-selling author who’s been awarded top 2 Female Mindset Coaches in Australia.

Having studied and worked in the field of personal transformation for 5 years, Patty specializes in helping people master their mindset, maximise their potential and manifest their dream life.

Patty has helped people from all walks of life from parents, managers and small business owners, to realise their version of success and happiness.

With her unique ability of identifying the root cause of people’s problems and re-aligning their head, heart and hand to achieve tangible results, Patty is an in-demand coach.

Patty is passionate about people and helping them empower themselves to create the life they deserve.

Could this event improve your life?

The content you learn in this event has helped thousands of others, so why not you?
The sooner you start, the sooner life gets better, so enrol now…
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LIVE Online Via Zoom
(On your mobile, tablet or desktop)


 Australia/Brisbane (UTC+1000)

Tuesday, 24 May (12:00pm – 1:00 pm)
Thursday, 26 May (7:30pm – 8:30 pm)