It all started…

At the age of 9, my life was turned upside down. My family moved to Japan for 5 years and at first, I hated every minute of it.

I only spoke Spanish and all of a sudden my school was in English and “street life” was in Japanese. I felt completely lost and out of my comfort-zone. I attended a school with 77 nationalities where I was the only Colombian and every day I had to navigate one of the most complex transport systems in the world.

Have you ever felt completely out of your depth in life, unsure of the next steps or which path to follow?

I didn’t know it at the time but a curious, determined female warrior was being born within me.

Anyone that has had an opportunity like this can say that it makes or breaks you. This experience truly shaped who I am today as it opened my eyes to a different way of life. I believe that no matter your circumstances, you can create an opportunity to find happiness.

“Sometimes we sail into troubled waters, but if we are patient, in time, we will sail out again.”  – anonymous

After 5 years in Japan, I moved back to Colombia where I finished high-school and started my five-year degree but before commencing my last year, I traveled to Montreal for a two-month holiday that became nine months, before continuing onwards to Sydney to finish the last year of my undergraduate degree.

I fell in love with the Australian way and lifestyle and so did whatever it took to stay (including raising $100,000 for my Residency…long story!). I was lucky to commence my professional development which took me to Brisbane, Townsville and Wollongong. About 8 years ago I decided to follow my heart and give my blossoming relationship a go and moved to Brisbane where I now live with my husband and two beautiful girls. So, seventeen years after leaving for my two-month holiday I found a new home called Australia…

Everywhere I lived I have had to start from scratch, find my bearings, make new friends, try new things and simply learn how things rolled. I have had to learn what made me happy in these new circumstances.

I saw every change as an opportunity that made me stronger, braver and defined me for who I am today. From my experiences I know this is possible for you too.

With my family and closest friends literally on the other side of the world, I learnt to find happiness within myself and in everything I did. The real turning point for me was when I began investing in my own personal development (including one of Tony Robbins seminars) and deciding to hire my own coach. This is when things really started to change.  Whilst I had achieved a lot I still knew I had more to give, but it was not in the corporate world. My coach helped me find what really lit my fire and made me realise that I was already naturally coaching others become a better, happier version of themselves. Having a coach whose only purpose is to support and guide you is a gem as they are not part of your family, inner circle or know your past, so can’t judge or dwell on it; they can only focus on the future. A great coach only wants to help you succeed in what YOU want, making you accountable for your actions, taking you to a whole new level you never even thought existed.

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

I have to admit it wasn’t always easy, as I have had to overcome a lot of challenges but I learnt the importance of getting to know and accept myself for who I am, understand what I really like (not just liked because that’s all I knew or those around me liked), appreciate what truly motivates me, recognise my fears and, by investing every day, building my inner strength. I have found goal setting has allowed me to shape my life the way I want.  I know from experience how to guide you through challenges.  I can work with you on getting clarity in your life, and setting goals that will take you to the life you’ve dreamt of! Take action… Believe in yourself! Why don’t you give yourself a chance? Bite the bullet and start your own journey. I would love to be part of it.  I’d be there to guide, support and cheer you from the sidelines as you kick your own goals.

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