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Coaching Testimonials 

Juan Camilo Vieira, COLOMBIA

I would like to share my experience working with Patty. As a parent of 2 children who recently started playing tennis at a competitive level, I very quickly realized that tennis is much more than hitting the ball with the right technique but also a very mental game. We started seeing our little girl Alice (9Y) losing matches not because of her tennis skills, but simply because she would let her emotions overtake her and become incredibly frustrated on the court, berating herself and hitting herself with her racquet when she made a mistake. We would have conversations with her to try and help her overcome her issues, but we really didn’t know how to handle this new situation. Nothing seemed to work and we were literally “lost”. Then at a friend’s house we met with Patty and just by coincidence we discussed with her this situation, and we agreed for her to talk with Alice to see what was happening. Patty very soon gained Alice’s trust and through video calls they started working together. Two weeks later, after the first three video calls, Alice had another tournament. It was the nicest surprise ever to see her handling the pressure on the court very well. She reached the finals in singles and won the doubles. She did lose the final in the singles, however this time, as opposed to the previous times, she was all smiles and there wasn’t a trace of the frustration and anger that we had previously witnessed. Since then, Alice has competed at another 2 tournaments and we can notice this positive pattern continues. A happy girl enjoying playing a sport she loves, regardless of the match outcome. Thanks a lot Patty and can’t wait for our little boy to start competing as well as I am sure we will be needing your counselling then as well. Juan Camilo Vieira COLOMBIA

Jeena Edwards, skin specialist, business owner 

Patty is an inspiration.. Her passion, knowledge and education around life coaching and personal development is above an beyond. If you are looking for support around these areas, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

Martha, Project Manager, IBM Costa Rica

Patty has made me put things into perspective and realise what was really important for me, therefore, getting rid of a lot of noise in my life. She has guided me through difficult circumstances and her advice throughout our sessions always managed to lift me and provide clarity on what I needed to focus on. Before working with Patty I didn’t manage my time very well, I had no idea I could get so much more done in the same amount of time. I followed a few strategies that made me very effective, my stress level reduced significantly and I started to enjoy leading a productive life. The strategies she shared from her personal home life, especially with her kids made me realise how I would like to be when I have a family. Thanks to her I’m more organised, happier and energised. I can’t thank Patty enough for how much she has helped me, she transformed my life, Thank you Patty!

So, all in all, I could not be happier to have undergone the coaching sessions with Patty. She is an incredible person, an invaluable friend and the best coach one could ever have. I am very grateful for every minute she devoted and continues to devote to me.

Michelle Link, Mother of three, France

With three very Young kids, a few changes in home base country and the pressure and rush to start all over again each time, it becomes very easy to live your life by inertia and forget about your own self in the process. That was me until one ramdon day I had a conversation with my dear friend Patty. It all started with a very simple question : “Why”and it has developed into a life changing opportunity that I am embracing every day.

With easy techniques, strategies and most of all honesty, Patty’s coaching sessions will without any hesitation change your life for good. Regardless of the reason why I started the coaching, for me it has had a multiplying effect in many other areas that I was not even exploring. I begun by digging deep into my issues and as a result of the different sessions I know who I am, I know what drives me, I know how to use it to achieve better results in all I do, I also know my weaknesses and have developed strategies to tackle them. My relationship with my husband has improved substantially (not that it felt bad – but know it feels great), and I am a much better and happier mum to my 3 boys.

So, all in all, I could not be happier to have undergone the coaching sessions with Patty. She is an incredible person, an invaluable friend and the best coach one could ever have. I am very grateful for every minute she devoted and continues to devote to me.

Marie Frapper, Entrepreneur, Gold Coast, Australia

I started a process I could not finish on my own. With Patty’s help, I have been able to take another step that made me feel good and capable. I trust her ability to help people to release their blocks and to empower themselves to take action. 

Natascha op de Hipt, Entrepreneur Blissunity, Sydney, Australia

Before I worked with Patty I felt a lot of resistance and lack of clarity. Through her coaching I was able to step
back and see the bigger picture. She helped me to realign myself to my true purpose, removed the resistance
and energy blocks I’ve felt before. The clarity I gained through her calls helps me to see exactly what I need to do
in order to get where I want to go.
Patty is so passionate in what she does and cares so much about her clients results.
One big thing I’ve learned from her is the importance of being happy on your journey to success and enjoy ever
step of it. This makes achieving your goals easy and fun and I feel at my happiest.
I can recommend Patty to everyone who wants to gain clarity, feel happy within themselves and achieve the
results they truly want. Thank you so much!

Nikki Smales, Primary teacher and Entrepreneur, Zendy Kids, Brisbane, Australia

Patty has transformed my life. I didn’t even realise I was missing anything in my life until I stumbled upon her. Patty has provided clarity in all aspects of my life, from parenting and fitness to career and home organisation. Since working with Patty I have been able to connect with myself and rediscover what makes me happy. I have been able to balance all elements of my life more easily and most things in our household now just work effortlessly. Patty has a special connection with people and is easy to get along with. She has strong intuition and a wonderful way of looking at life.
Patty has returned true happiness to my life. Things are better for me every day and I am now ready to set up the business I have always dreamed of. Patty continues to find ways I can create further clarity and balance in my life. I will definitely continue my coaching with Patty.

Mhari Bain, Food & Beverage Manager at Event Cinemas, Brisbane, Australia

For the past few years I have struggled with accepting and shifting my mindset with certain things in my life, accepting and loving myself, my fitness, and also job, Patty has been by my side teaching me new skills and assisting me to find a better balance in life and seeing opportunities that are in front of me and grabbing hold of those with a renewed passion. I have goals in my life and a definite sense of purpose.

Patty has assisted me in opening up to new possibilities. I now have a better balance in my life, working out has become fun and I am in a happy place. I have also had a job opportunity present itself which I believe is a result of my new direction. I am grateful for having Patty in my life and without her motivation, enthusiasm and her beautiful warmth as a person I am not sure where I would be

Peter Austin – Entrepreneur, Creativa Consulting, Hong Kong

In 2008, Patty was my personal trainer at a time when I needed to change my attitude towards how I improved my fitness. I struggled for many years to train in a way that led to a noticeable difference in competition results in my chosen sport.
I had been exercising at gyms for many years but after meeting Patty she persuaded me to try personal training.  We started training together once a week and it quickly became apparent that I needed to recalibrate my mental approach. Patty is a good communicator and an excellent coach and with her help I changed how I managed myself mentally when it came to improving my fitness and then my performance when competing. The lessons I learnt from her are still in valuable today.  Patty’s bubbly energetic personality makes for a fun time whenever you are in her company.

Olivia Houston, Consultant at PPB Advisory, Brisbane Australia

Patty is a bubbly, bright and extremely positive person, which quickly rubs off on the people around her. Patty gave me the push I needed to excel myself and overcome my doubts. I knew what I wanted however I was hesitant to make the leap. With Patty’s motivational words and positive guidance, I am a happier, brighter, fitter and stronger person. I highly recommend taking a leap with Patty as a Personal Life Coach. She is worth the jump!

Maria Claudia Salcedo Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Ulta, Chicago, USA

I have known Patty for over 20 years and she has always been an incredible support and guidance in my life. Despite living in opposite time zones, Patty remains a constant in my life and a continual source of insight and self-reflection.

Patty’s positive nature is infectious and inspirational. I cherish my long-distance conversations with her and how she has helped me find clarity with regards to personal and professional issues or situations.

Her patience and ability to listen, combined with her empathy and flexibility have always led me to a clear understanding of drivers, triggers, and most importantly, actions and next steps. I am truly honored and fortunate to call Patty a friend and a coach.

Monica Gomez, Entrepreneur, Founder of Ubuntu LABX, Medellin, Colombia

Our lives are fairy tales where we are all heroes. Every day we have the opportunity to write a new chapter of our personal life and like every epic adventure we encounter great people who become our mentors that guide us along the way by lighting our paths. Patty is one of those people in my journey. She not only illuminated my path with her bright light but also became an extraordinary guide.

Trusting someone to support you through your next chapter is a decision that is not taken lightly. It’s important to find someone who not only lives and breathes their believes but most importantly achieves results. This is why I chose Patty as my coach, because I feel an immense admiration on her attitude towards life, for her vision to see opportunities and make them reality and because I genuinely believe her mission in life is to assist others find their purpose and true potential.

Patty not only has a personal altruistic purpose but along with her professional development she demonstrates alignment between her mission and professionalism. This makes her the ideal person to help others light their path in search of their own happiness.

Kellie Knight, Senior Manager at Litmus group, Brisbane, Australia

Patty is a terrific person to have in my life. She has guided me personally and professionally in a manner that is warm, supportive and of course, energetic.  I am sceptical of most things – life coaching could be included in that – but Patty’s structured yet personal approach has been invaluable. 

Kim Cabello, SAP Sales & Distribution Consultant, Melbourne, Australia

Patty (a.k.a. Amiguita) has been a great friend of mine for most of my adult life.  We met at work when she arrived in Australia, and we immediately connected through a shared wicked sense of humour ☺  Throughout my 20s and 30s, as I was going through the ups and downs of love, life, work and personal development, I lost count of the number of times I reached out to her over anyone else. For support, for advice, or sometimes just for a dose of her vivacious energy and electric smile. Just 5 seconds with her and you instantly feel better. It’s a gift! When helping me with my challenges and goals over the years, she has had such a down-to-earth, calming approach. She really listened and never judged. She helped me sift through the noise in my head that was getting in the way of finding my happiness, and helped me see for myself how I could move forward. Over the years, I have also watched her grow both personally and professionally into the amazing woman she is today. Helping people achieve their goals is a natural extension of herself, whether it be as a friend, as a personal trainer, or as a life coach. It’s no surprise that she has ended up here. And I wish her nothing but happiness and success!

Antje, Brisbane, Australia 

Patty has helped me look at life differently. By asking the “right” questions and at times challenging me, she has helped me see problems from multiple angles and consider what really matters to me. While it is up to me to find what I am looking for and therefore happiness, Patty provided lots of positive reinforcement and support and was an invaluable sounding board. Patty’s warm personality has made my process a lot easier.

Workshop Testimonials 

Tracey Santa

Patty has a lot of corporate and personal experience around success and happiness and has a very graceful way of using this to coach you towards your own version of success and happiness. 

Michelle Eddigton

I highly recommend Patty’s workshops, I learnt so much about myself and what goals I need to focus on. Location was perfect, an amazing day. Thank you.

Nikki Pukallus

Patty is wonderful, her stories help to deliver her message and help with real life examples.

David Morris

Patty was excellent, very interactive and worked well in a group setting!

Ali Bocquee

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to reflect on my current life and provide clarity of where I want to head with do-able, achievable actions!

Lukasz Orocz

I loved the atmosphere, energy and positivity of the event. Thank you Patty.

Eric Sonego

Having worked with Patty and finding her a truly engaging change manager it came as no surprise to find Patty running a workshop like this. Her positive approach is inspirational and the way Patty links individual goal setting to one’s core values is a great approach.

Darryl Steven

After working with Patty on a couple of significant IT projects I cannot think of anyone better who has a success driven personality and a strong drive to succeed no matter what might stand in the way. Anyone attending this workshop will certainly get a positive outcome delivered by a very positive and goal orientated person.  

Melissa Prentice, Business Transformation Specialist

I recently had the pleasure of attending a goal setting workshop. What a star. She has a beautiful insightful manner. I loved that the session covered both personal and professional goals. Patty’s corporate experience is apparent as she relates to real life scenarios. Patty’s reputation as a go to person in the consulting industry has extended to her new role. If you are looking for the opportunity to reflect on your next step, look no further. 

Taylah Andrew 

Patty is a very warm and happy soul. Always welcoming her knowledge so abundantly. Very enjoyable day.

You too can learn how to harness your happiness; living life to the fullest. Contact me today with your enquiry and get started on this journey of growth.  

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